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Available Now “From Stress To Success In Property Management: How To Manage More Properties Effortlessly” is the new book from Author, Speaker, Trainer & Coach – Tiffany Bowtell, The Director of the Property Management Institute of Training. Order your copy now.

Chapter Overview

Release Stress and Create Freedom
Chapter one explores the reasons why stress is so common in property management, and what happens inside your mind when you get stressed and overloaded. I’ll show you a system to overcome stress and clear your mind to a balanced state through the Freedom System technique.

Decide, Lead and Do
Chapter two uncovers your leader within. I’ll show you a simple way to make good decisions fast, and you’ll learn leadership rules to keep everything under your control. Learn how to organise your day, answer emails, and take actions that are easy and simple to follow and adhere to. They will form your new stress-free daily habits.

Inspired Action and Implementation
Chapter three examines how to embrace change and become self inspired, rather than externally motivated, to perform at your best. You’ll learn techniques to increase your knowledge and master skills to feel confident, successful, and become the expert in your chosen career.

Get Organised and Stay There
Chapter four investigates systems for success, such as a weekly review and setting up your workstation, as well as a personal success system for sustaining energy, balance, and optimal performance.

Sample: From To Success in Property Management

by Tiffany Bowtell

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Order a paperback copy of my book “From Stress to Success in Property Management: How to Manage More Properties Effortlessly” right now and I’ll have it delivered directly to you. 

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Tiffany’s message is clear and inspiring… if you really wish to free up your time and manage more properties effortlessly, then this book shows you how.

Belen Parkes

Team Leader Ray White QLD

Stress is a thing of the past! This book is a practical and intelligent resource and helped me to understand advanced techniques to manage more properties. I’m not busy anymore, I’m productive and organised, and this means very happy landlords!

Gai Kroczek

Principal, Total Care Property Management

I’ve never had someone really show me how to manage my day, email inbox, or get organised like this before. Introducing modern technology into my work and personal life, and showing me how to use it to my advantage, has been incredible. As a result of reading this book. I can now take care of my owners, tenants, trades, coworkers, family, and friends like never before.

Kristy Eriksson

Senior Property Manager, Ray White Buderim

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